préparation aux catastrophes - disaster preparedness

Le message est clair : avoir un plan.

🇬🇧 Rebecca Giminez Husted - Technical Large Animal Rescue, has 25+ years of Instructing, all aspects of Large Animal Disaster and Emergency Preparedness; 28 years of Military Experience including active duty mobilizations and combat deployments; 22 years freelance writing experience; 20 years management and corporate experience running small businesses. I listened to this presentation in the car, if you don't want to see images of burnt stables and horses in difficulty then I highly recommend you listen rather than watch ! podcast format - available here  
I went back afterwards to look at the images, but I'm glad to have listened first. A highly important presentation that asks you to think about what might happen and have a plan so that you can save ALL your animals in a disaster situation.  Such great suggestions dotted throughout this presentation - including wearing a helmet for difficult vet visits !


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