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Tellington TTouch practitioner, Equine Bodyworker (EEBW) and Equine Thermal imaging technicien based in south west France.  Working to improve the well-being and performance of horses through one on one bodywork, training and thermal imaging sessions; and by empowering horse owners, riders and carers with knowledge, techniques and information.

Are you interested in an online course? Let me know and I can put together an English speaking group for the Balanced Riders or the Tellington TTouch course.

My services

  • Private sessions for your horse - Tellington TTouch - Equinology Sports Massage and stretching - Sure Foot balance pads - TTouch body wraps
  • Equine Thermography - full body or hoof report - there is a protocol to follow including having the horse clean, dry and inside away from drafts and sunlight for 1-2 hours before the session.
  • Online consultation - send photos and videos and receive online coaching and training
  • Two day Tellington TTouch workshops for small groups in France and Europe (max 6 people)
  • Proprioception and Tellington TTouch clinic for horses - balance pads - TTouch body wraps - TTouch bodywork in a clinic format (4-6 horses)
  • One day private training (1 or 2 people)

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So what is Tellington TTouch?

The Tellington TTouch Method for horses offers a training approach that encourages optimal performance and well-being. Based on the understanding that behavioural issues are often caused by pain, soreness, fear or tension in the body, TTouch addresses these underlying issues through a combination of Body Work, specific Ground Exercises, and Riding With Awareness along with an overarching respect and consideration for the horse.

Tellington TTouch goes beyond just what you do with your horse and how you do it; it changes how you believe in your horse, and understand them at a deeper level; beyond behaviour and labels. This low-stress, logical method of dealing with horses seeks to take horses beyond the reflex of instinct, and educate horses how to think and act rather than re-act to stimuli.

www.ttouchtraining.co.uk/horses - TTouch UK
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ttouch.ca/horses - TTouch Canada
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www.ttouch.com - TTouch USA
🔍 www.ttouch.com/researchStudies.shtml
📅 ttouch.com/Worldwide/All_Events_Calendar/index.html - Worldwide training courses

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