Equine Anatomy and Physiology: Crash Course 🔍

Anatomy! It's sometimes difficult to learn but so interesting once you get stuck in. Here you will find everything you need to study the subject, with comprehensive articles and a whole anatomy book online! Lots of videos collected together in the YouTube playlists and of course the Crash Course at the end of this article. There are games to test your knowledge… Enjoy!

✏ Could you draw the skeleton of a horse freehand? (more games listed below)

Equine anatomy resources

❔ Play the joints game

Anatomy and Physiology from The Horse.com:
Basic article
Comprehensive 12 part series Link to download for 53 page PDF

Equine Anatomy from Wikipedia

📚 2005 edition Anatomy of The Horse by Klaus-Dieter Budras Link to PDF download of complete anatomy book at academia.edu

Fascia lines

📺 YouTube playlist: Know your horse anatomy - my playlist of anatomy videos

📺 YouTube playlist: Equine Anatomy, Physiology, & Biomechanics - another playlist

📺 Inside Nature's giants: Racehorse - BBC documentary (not for the faint hearted, some good stuff to see in the dissection here, the strength of tendons, the inflation of the lungs, the size of the digestive system, but ignore their theories about how the foot works around the 24m mark...)

🎓 Equinology EQ50 - online equine anatomy course - highly recommended
📚 Anatomy of Equine Bodywork - The Equinology Approach, Debranne Pattillo - Excellent resource, there is an App which allows you to test your knowledge too.

🔍 Google Scholar - keywords: equine anatomy and physiology

Kinematics of the equine back and pelvis, RENE VAN WEEREN 

No abs, no back - 3 tips to Efficiently Build Back Muscles for your Horse, Blog Equisense

Transitional Vertebrae in Horses

📺 https://www.iselp.org Duncan Peters, JM Denoix, conference (several hours of viewing)

It's quiz time!

❔ Test your anatomy with these games:
Synovial joints on the horse

Horse skeleton
and Skeletal Anatomy of the horse (spot the error)
and Skeleton of the horse - Advanced

Major ligaments of the horse
Superficial muscles of the horse
Deep muscles of the horse

Skeleton of horse's legs
Bones of the horse's lower limb
Tendons and ligaments of the horse's lower limb
Distal forelimb muscles of the horse
The horse's hoof (spot the error)

Internal anatomy
Integumentary system
Respiratory system

Find more here...

(Sometimes these trick you because they use a different terminology to what you might have learnt - and sometimes I disagree with the answers, but it's all part of the challenge!)

💡 Too easy?
✏ Try drawing a horse's skeleton. This is funny if you have no idea about horse anatomy, so take the challenge and - without cheating - draw a horse skeleton to get your base line and then look up what it should look like...
🧠 It's obviously easier if you start by copying a diagram, make it more difficult - try to draw from memory...
💪 The advanced version is to then draw where all the muscles attach.

Have you got a better link? Send it to me and I will add it.


Series on Anatomy and Physiology from Crash Course

While not aimed at horses, this series is great!
Videos on the Nervous System further down this page.
💡Top tip: if he speaks too fast, play the videos at a slower speed using the settings.


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