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The TTouch donkey book

📚 "The Healthy Donkey provides a fascinating background to the history of this iconic animal and introduces potential owners to everything they need to know about donkey guardianship, with useful information about diet, bedding, and grooming. Those already familiar with donkeys will also find invaluable information about addressing behavioral issues using patience, kindness, and bodywork through Tellington TTouch techniques—a non-invasive system of touch and massage designed to bring about calmness, trust, and confidence. Case studies show how these techniques can be used to address a variety of problems."
Authors Sarah Fisher et Trudy Affleck.

📖 "Donkeys may be strong and resilient but they are also highly intelligent, sensitive animals that enjoy companionship.  They are entertaining and expressive, and if a donkey appears to be miserable or depressed, it is more likely to indicate poor management or ill-health rather than his general temperament.  Donkeys tend to stop and process information and may shut down when overwhelmed, and it is this response that gives donkeys the unfair reputation of being stubborn."  An excerpt from The Healthy Donkey.

The Donkey Sanctuary

An international animal welfare and rescue charity transforming the quality of life for donkeys, mules and people worldwide. (there are donkey webcams!)

🔍 Resource page

📚 The Clinical Companion of the donkey - produced as an easy reference book for clinicians and other professionals to inform and educate, and improve the health and welfare of donkeys worldwide.  Available to download in English and French.

📚 The Clinical Companion to dentistry - This book is intended as a guide to the anatomical features of the head and oral cavity of the donkey, to offer a greater understanding of the oral and dental disorders that may affect these animals throughout their life, and how to correctly examine, diagnose, prevent and/or treat pathological situations.

Feeding and management

📺 Feeding and Care of Mules and Donkeys, December 6, 2011, webcast by Dr. Amy McLean
Proper management that promotes healthy longears is an area of concern for owners on a global level.  Many times mules and donkeys are treated as horses with big ears but this webcast focus will focus on some of the similarities and differences of feeding and properly caring for mules and donkeys.

How To Feed Donkeys | Dr. K's Horse Sense (

Donkey fat on the inside

Do donkeys need rugs ?
Prime Equine - Publications | Facebook


👍📺  Presentation from The Donkey Sanctuary that was part of the Feet, Fat and Freedom from Discomfort online seminar from the British Horse Society, 7th May 2020

🔍 Info and references from The Laminitis Site on donkeys

Donkey Feet

Slide show on donkeys including Feet and the differences between donkey and horse hooves, with the descriptions of feet starting at slide 16.

👍 Biscotte's page: This was my donkey project, she's now my friend... The best way to look at this project is to go to the albums and scroll to the first ones.

💿 Pete Ramey's donkey DVD series
"Donkey hooves: Inside and Out"

🔍 HoofSearch, the index of equine foot research, has released an updated resource guide to peer-reviewed articles and theses on donkey hoof science and lameness studies. The index is free and accessible online to anyone interested in monitoring advances in donkey hoof health or improving the soundness-related welfare of working donkeys.

FRENCH - Les spécificités du pied de l'âne : comment les gérer ? (

Megan Hensley The donkey Farrier

This lady is doing mega things for donkey hoof care in the USA and around the world spreading the message that farriers can be kind to donkeys with her FB group and conferences.
YouTube Channel

👍 Megan Hensley's FB page : Holistic Hooves

👍 Megan Hensley's FB groupe: Donkey & Mule Hoof Trimming & Rehab

📺 Megan Hensley The donkey Farrier presentations:

Donkey anatomy

(Link direct to study: Animals | Free Full-Text | Morphometric Characteristics of the Skull in Horses and Donkeys—A Pilot Study ( )

I love donkeys!!  ❤  If you have squillions of cash that you would like to fall down a drain, I'm up for having a donkey rescue and rehab centre that would double as a Tellington TTouch training centre.....

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