Article: Tension Patterns in horses by Sarah Fisher

"Understanding how posture relates to and directly influences behaviour in horses can give you valuable information about how and why your horse reacts the way he does
in certain situations. This can be a helpful tool when thinking of taking on a horse when you have to rely on the information given by the previous owner or when faced
with problems handling or managing the horse already in your care.

What are Tension Patterns?
Tension Patterns are areas of tightness that exist in a horse’s body. They may be obvious and inhibit the natural movement of the animal to a greater or lesser degree or may be subtle and less easily detected. Either way they will have an effect on the way the horse functions on an emotional, mental and physical level. They can influence not only how the horse thinks, feels and learns but can hamper its ability to be trained, accept contact, cope with the farrier, travelling etc and adapt to new situations."[..]TENSION_PATTERNS_IN_HORSES.pdf
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