The Equine Brain 101 🧠

Giving this video a post all by itself because it's awesome!

  • We get in trouble when we think the horse is using it's neocortex - which it doesn't have!
  • Neurons that fire together wire together
  • Motor patterns are stored in the cerebellum, when we learn to drive a car our whole brain is involved, but after a while we turn it over to the cerebellum and basal ganglia and we don't have to think about it any more. Same goes for your horse when he learns motor patterns.
  • Safety is required for horses (and people) to learn. What your horse is asking you is "Am I going to be safe?"
  • If learning is pleasurable and they get dopamine from learning they are going to want to learn! 
  • We need some "dwell time" some offline time(without outside interference) immediately after learning something to assimilate it, with even more time given the brain associates with previous learning "I thought I read something about this"

📺 Dr. Steven Peters "The Equine Brain" 101 hosted by Wendy Murdoch, MS

📺 Steven Peters PhD, Equine Brain Guru continues our discussion. hosted by Wendy Murdoch, MS

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