Helping horses with laminitis - zoom talk 26 march 2022 - et en français 02 avril 2022

Après un super presentation en anglais, je programme la version en français 02 avril 2022 19h
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On Saturday March 26 at 10:00 a.m PDT Danielle Dibbens will join Robyn Hood to talk about helping horses with Laminitis.  

Tellington TTouch is recommended by The Laminitis Site as part of their rehabilitation suggestions and Danielle works with the rehab team on some of their challenging cases providing  thermography and bodywork. In this session, Danielle will talk about her work to help and support horses in recovery and rehabilitation from this painful condition.

Danielle Dibbens has been using TTouch to help horses and ponies with laminitis since she first started her Tellington TTouch training. Living in South West France she divides her time between teaching TTouch workshops, working with private clients and volunteering with equine charities. Danielle is a Tellington TTouch® practitioner (P2) for horses, she also has certifications in Equine bodywork with Equinology® and in equine thermography. A combination of circumstances led her to working with horses and ponies dealing with laminitis and then to working with The Laminitis Site. The Laminitis Site is an association helping horse owners and professionals get better information about how to prevent and manage laminitis. 

This talk is FREE for everyone, but registration is required.
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