Equus-Soma talk about bones with Wendy Murdoch

I wanted to share this Wendy Murdoch webinar because I find it fascinating looking at bones, considering how horses (and people) manage the bodies they have been given and how they develop.  I found this hugely interesting and I think you will too, everyone should know about The Bone Room!  I've put some shortcut links further down if you are short of time...

No. 49. Pam Blades Eckelbarger & Diane Dzingle from Equus-Soma talk about bones and SURE FOOT pads

Use auto traduction to get French subtitles, the anatomical terms don't come out well but you can follow the gist.

There are three main bone stories told in this webinar, which is long at 2h (though this passes really quickly), so if you don't have that much time (remember with YouTube you can increase the speed of playback to shorten the viewing time), I have put links for each story here:

Apollo, What lies beneath: Transitional lumbar/sacral vertebra, fused lumbar vertebra, kissing spines

Skeletal maturation "Growth plates"
ECVM C6/C7 vertebral malformation

For more on the ECVM here is the boss herself Sharon May-Davies with Wendy: 
No. 133. Sharon May Davis discusses Equine Complex Vertebral Malformation (ECVM) - YouTube

No. 221 Eq-Soma, Pam Eckelbarger & Diane Dzingle: Current research on ECVM


More from the bone room

 Amazingly there is a second webinar too all about the thoracic spine!

No. 70. Pam Eckelbarger and Diane Dzingle, Equus Soma discuss the thoracic spine 101.

No. 130. Equus Soma, Pam Eckelbarger & Diane Dzingle: anatomical findings to explain behavior

Thank you Pam, Diane and Wendy Murdoch for bringing this information to us!

(for more webinars with Wendy check out the Sure Foot YouTube channel)
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