Listen to these great podcasts! 🎧

A collection of podcasts for your listening joy! Don't miss the first two from The Whole Horse podcast with Robyn Hood and Wendy Murdoch.  Looking for podcasts about hooves? Scroll down for the link to The Humble Hoof podcasts.

I'll add new ones as I find them...

⭐ Wendy's Whinnies - audio files from Wendy Murdoch's webinars

Dr Sue Dyson Ridden Horse Ethogram

Rachaël Draaisma Calming Signals and Language Signs in Horses

Come Along for the Ride - Podcasts from Eden River Equestrian

Straight from the Horse Doctor's Mouth (I've not yet tested this one but thought there were some interesting topics listed!)

The Veterinary Rehabilitation Podcast

Jec Ballou - the best horse practices

⭐Alexa Linton at the Whole Horse podcast

⭐ The Humble Hoof podcasts a podcast channel for both horse owners and equine professionals, offering discussions into various philosophies on the health of the hoof and soundness of your horse. There's Pete Ramey, Megan Hensley the donkey farrier, Nic Barker from Rockley farm, Paige Posse, Daisy Bicking and more...

Hoof of the Horse Podcast - Simon Curtis

Equiosity podcasts - Alexandra Kurland and Dominique Day Clicker Training and more...

Still not found what you are looking for and need more?  Here are some lists of podcast channels:

And for dogs and companion animals:

Listen to "T Touch for Dog Training...And It Works on Horses Too!" on Spreaker.

Unlocking Your Dog’s Full Potential with TTouch

Podcast with Founder of Tellington TTouch and Animal Bridges

And for Feldenkrais enthusiasts:

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